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Berthoud Saddles Mens TOURING - various colors and rails

Berthoud Saddles Mens TOURING - various colors and rails

Price: $209.00
$209.00 Black, Steel 1 in stock
$209.00 Natural, Steel 2 in stock
$279.00 Cork, Titanium 1 in stock
$279.00 Black, Titanium 1 in stock
$209.00 Cork, Steel 1 in stock
$279.00 Natural, Titanium 2 in stock
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With our 6 month Berthoud saddle satsifaction guarantee AND best price!

Berthoud Mens Touring  saddle. 

Berthoud saddles have been a wild successs.  It is amazing how many riders find them to be wonderfully comfortable.   High quality leather and a shape that many seem to find exceptionally comfortable. Has a design that allows it to be removed from its base. Also, provision on the rear makes for easy use of a Berthoud seatbag with quickfix attachment (available seperately). The rails of the Berthoud saddle allow for more adjustment than a Brooks, althoug most of the added adjustment seems to be in the forward direction. 

Available in either steel or ti rails.  And if you don't love the saddle, you can return it within 6 months for a refund (please don't abuse the saddle though).  And of course, Berthoud saddles carry a 2 year warranty against defects.

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