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SKF Bottom bracket 110mm JIS Italian

SKF Bottom bracket 110mm JIS Italian

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SKF Bottom Bracket JIS 110mm Italian thread.

This is the bottom bracket we recomend for use with Sugino Alpina and XD600 cranks. Sugino suggests a 113mm JIS bb with this cranks, but since SKF bb's are a slight tad "thicker", the result is as near perfect as we've found for use with these cranksets.

Beautiful German craftsmanship and machining. It is easy to understand the quality when you think of Leica cameras and BMW automobiles (if you are into the car thing). Unlike the other "premium" bottom brackets out there, this one really can live up to its promise. Note that SKF bb's tend to have a taper that moves the arms out about 1 to 1.5mm further than similar length Shimano JIS bb's.

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